The 3 Causes of Paralyzed Decision Making & How To Overcome

Do you ever find yourself simply incapable of making a decision about something big (should I franchise my business?) or even something small (what should I make for dinner tonight?).  As busy moms, running businesses and nurturing our families it’s not uncommon to become paralyzed in some decisions.  

Here are the THREE big causes of paralyzed decision making and how you can turn them around:

1. Over-commitment. You are a “yes” mom, or believe in the do-it-all myth and you’re trying to achieve it. You handle logistics very well, and you're probably a bit of an over-acheiver. You’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and it’s infringing on your ability to confidently make choices that put you, your family or your business first.  

ANSWER: Say “no” more often and/or delegate. Both are easier said than done right? As a “yes” mom, you’ve set an expectation that you can always be counted on to step up and carry whatever task is being bestowed upon you. Pivoting away by saying no may have you worried that you will be disappointing others. You may have to dig deeper and examine why it’s important to you to be perceived as being capable and willing to do so much. Start working on saying “no” more frequently.  Click here for some ready-made “no” answers you can rely on to get comfortable telling others “no. Next: Delegate. This term is often met with resistance as most of us are going it alone in our business and sometimes without the budget to hire pricey experts we can trust. This is where you need to get creative. Look at some smaller items like making dinner, yard work, errands and see if you can hand those off to a partner or outsource some help. Hiring a neighbor kid to mow your lawn on Tuesday evenings may give you the extra time you need to update your website SEO and cost far less than outsourcing that particular task. Once you clear your space of overcommitment, decisions around your most important values and goals become clear.  

2. Underprepared.  You are attempting to make decisions too early in the game or you’re working with incomplete information. “I could do this, if only I knew this…” Examples: you are trying to nail down your pricing before you have clarity on what your product is. Or, you’re trying to choose a paint color for the dining room when you have mapped out the rug color, window treatments or chairs.  

ANSWER: Reframe and plan.  Reframe means, is this something you must move forward on now? If so, what other information do you need? Get some clarity and perspective on what you’re deciding and formulate a plan. If you are waiting on input from others, connect with them and set solid deadlines to accumulate all you need to move forward with making the decision or deferring it. Once you have all of the information you need and you've determined that you must make a decision, set clear and tight deadlines for yourself as well in order to continue your decision making momentum.

3. Unmotivated. Either you don't believe making the decision will benefit you, you're not willing to do the work or you feel unworthy of the outcome. All of these factors can stagnate decision making efforts. If you're feeling unmotivated, you either can't make a decision or postpone the decision until it's down to the wire, causing yourself unnecessary stress as a result.

ANSWER: Gain clarity around your desire to move forward with this decision, seek accountability. Are you lacking motivation because you simply don't want this bad enough? If so, let it go.  Many people really struggle with the fear of success. That’s right, I said it, the FEAR of success. If your decision items really IS something you want and you have the time and resources to move forward, you may have to dig deep in order to clear blocks to open up why you are still hesitating. Additionally, seek accountability. Discuss your goals publicly, with your coach/mentor or an accountability partner. This can help keep you on track for timely decisions.    

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