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Single Focus - Fast Track Session

We dive deep into ONE of your biggest challenges right now - and we emerge with a solution and a roadmap for you to follow!

This 90 minute session will bring you focus, clarity, confidence AND deliver an action plan to move forward on one item that you just keep struggling to overcome.

Use this Fast Track to...

  • Gain Clarity around your business vision
  • Decide which one of your fabulous ideas you should pursue now, and HOW to start
  • Determine which processes and systems meet your unique needs to improve your efficiency and productivity.
  • Reverse engineer a BIG goal into a sustainable action plan.
  • A general business audit, providing the first three things you need to do NOW to build, scale or grow.
  • Draft a launch plan for a new product or service.
  • Receive a StrengthsFinder Assessment to review and learn to leverage your Top 5 Strengths (*StrengthsFinder test taken separately).
  • Personal growth and Harmony session - how to create routines and boundaries that help you achieve harmony in your work/life.
  • Literally, ANY one thing you need to work out via Focus, Clarity and Action


Those are just some of the things I've covered with others in my Fast Track Session! Whatever you are seeking to achieve in your business or life, give me 90 minutes and we'll develop a strategy together!

What you get with my Fast Track

A pre-work survey to give me a heads up on your background and what you would like to approach.

A 90 minute recorded call via Zoom where we brainstorm, discuss and lay down a plan that you feel good about.

A written out plan post-call that has actionable steps, benchmarks and deadlines attached, so that you stay on task.

Two periodic accountability check-ins from me via email.

Admission to my private client Facebook group.


"Maci I want to work with you, I might need this Fast Track or something more... I don't know... I don't know what I need!"

No worries friend... if you don't know WHAT you want to focus on in our session, fill out my Discovery Form HERE to book a 30 minute discovery call!


I can't wait to get to work with you on creating your ideal business and life!