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Since StrengthsFinder helped me embrace my ideal path, I use it a lot with coaching clients. My combination of natural strengths, education, skills and experience make me an ideal mentor/partner/strategist for moms in business. 

My StrengthsFinder Top 5

  1. Strategic - The ability to sort through clutter and find the best route.

  2. Activator - Make a decision, take action, look at the result, and learn

  3. Individualization - Keen observation of other people’s strengths and ability to draw out the best in each person

  4. Ideation - A natural capacity to consider issues from multiple perspectives and facilitate free-thinking experiences such as brainstorming or discussion groups

  5. Communication - Help others put their ideas or feelings into words


How I Got Here

I've spent over two decades wearing different hats and developing the arsenal of skills that have brought me to this exact moment where I am equipped to help you develop strategies, systems and digital marketing solutions that deliver measurable profitability in your business while allowing you to breathe.

I have a robust and diverse resume, which may sound a little crazy, but every job included managing both people and data... I've spent my entire career preparing to help you authentically connect and convert your audience to buyers. The ability to deeply connect with people’s needs coupled with the ability to measure what’s working allows me to create desire-focused, metric-driven copy which leads to you reaching more people and generating more cash in your bank account! Selling to your audience means you are serving them at the deepest level, so sales shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. You have solutions to offer. Let’s get them in the hands of those who need them, so you can continue to best serve your audience and buyers.

In 2009, bored with my corporate job (I was a Marketing Director for an education company) I sought out a “side hustle,” ultimately landing an internship - in addition to keeping my full time job - with an incredible woman building a tech company that would bring women together for friendship. At the time, the idea was revolutionary.

I’m still drawn to working with those who are Positively Disrupting their industry. My client roster is now filled with thought leaders, coaches, and passion-driven entrepreneurs who are offering something new and different to the world.

I don’t do “business as usual” and neither do my clients. I want to get excited about writing for you!

I became a mom in 2013, with the birth of my daughter. It was shortly thereafter that I started to feel like I wanted to run my own business. I became a certified Simplicity Parenting Life Coach and started working with new parents to help them create their desired, calm and happy home life. After my 2nd child was born in 2016, I left the full time job I had created for myself as Marketing and Project Manager for to focus on my family and leverage my skills to develop my own consulting practice.

Fascinated by marketing funnels, product launches, audience research - I started taking on the strategic planning and execution of launches for my clients. In 2018, after adding up all the launches I had conducted for clients as well as GirlFriendCircles over the years, it was more than 40. In 2018 alone I did over 8 launches with clients. I was burned out.

Clients kept coming back to me over and over to write sales copy, and it really was my favorite part of funnel building. So, in 2019, I made Conversion Copywriting the main cornerstone of my business. I joined the Copy Hackers led Copy School and improved my skills exponentially.

I take great pride in the work I produce for clients and I have a reputation for providing killer service. I communicate throughout our contract, no matter how long or short, and from our very first call to our final email closing out our contract you will have a strategic partner and collaborator in me. I show up with my A game, every time.

Are you here to positively disrupt your industry? Create a movement? Change the world?

I can’t wait to see what we can release to the world, together!