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in my premier 12 week productivity and strategy package you will:

  • Gain clarity around your business, family and life. This can include business goals, changes to your business, your commitments around work or family, etc. 
  • Discover your inherent strengths and how to leverage them to gain more energy around tasks that usually drain or frustrate you.
  • Learn how to optimize your time - work time, down time, how you value your time
  • Follow through on the goals you set with me - no more giving up when you lose motivation or get distracted
  • Fully implement the plan we create together to achieve your goals set forth at the beginning of the session
  • Develop systems and utilize tools I provide to exponentially increase your productivity
  • Build your confidence and shed doubt around your abilities and achievements
  • Stop feeling guilt around work/life balance or motherhood
  • Find yourself achieving more, faster than before working with me
  • Create healthy habits and eschew bad habits that are not in line with your values and vision
  • Manage interruptions like a focus-ninja to improve your task flow and completion rate
  • Have a trusted Mastermind-style accountability partner whose job it is to make sure YOU are crushing it in life. 
  • Take time to practice gratitude and revel in your wins.
  • Procure a list of personalized, recommended resources for additional personal and professional growth. 


What's Included in My 12 Week Private Coaching Package

  • Intake and Orientation Call - we will discuss the model of coaching that I use and do an overview of your StrengthsFinder Results
  • (9) 1-on-1 coaching calls throughout our 12 consecutive weeks together
  • Recordings of all of our calls for your records
  • Unlimited email support to enhance your coaching experience for the duration of our sessions (emails answered within 24 hours)
  • Pre-work materials to get a jump start on our work together
  • An aggressive, full implementation plan that we develop together
  • Weekly exercises, prompts, affirmations and tools customized to your needs throughout the program
  • My commitment to your success. 


Investment for this experience

The cost of my Premier 12 Week Productivity and Strategy Package is $900 paid in full.

I have a monthly payment option of $400/mo recurring payments as well. 

I can't wait to get to work with you on creating your ideal business and life!

If you are not yet ready to invest at this level, please review my monthly and hourly options.