1:1 Business Strategy Intensive - Invitation Only

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1:1 Business Strategy Intensive - Invitation Only


If you've landed here, it's because we agreed on a discovery call that this session is the next step for you. 

This link should have accompanied an email inviting you to register for this session and addressing any questions you have. 

**Please review all details of this session below before moving forward with your purchase. AND - reach out to me with any additional questions. 

Remember, if we move forward to work together and a contract is signed within 7 days of Proposal, HALF the cost of this session ($300) is applied directly to the first payment of your proposal. 

Email me at maci@maciwescott.com if you have any questions. 

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This 1:1 Strategy Intensive is available by invitation only is a stand-alone product. A comprehensive action plan will be delivered 3-5 days after our call and may include a proposal to work with me further. Your action plan and the deliverables from this session are YOURS to keep, regardless of if whether you choose to accept my proposal. 

The total cost of this session is $600. If we negotiate a contract to work together within 7 days of delivering the action plan/proposal, $300 of the price of this intensive will be put toward the total proposal estimate. **I will apply half of what you paid for this session to our contracted work as a good faith gesture that I am as invested in you as you are in me. This makes the total cost of this intensive session only $300. 

If I do not submit a proposal (due to your needs not matching my skillset, or I lack availability within the timeframe your work is needed) I will recommend various professionals in my network who possess the necessary skills to deliver your action plan. You are in no way obligated to use anyone I recommend. The stand-alone price for this intensive remains $600. 

Included in the 1:1 Business Strategy Session:

Pre-work: Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive a link to a Google Form with a comprehensive questionnaire about your business. Set aside approximately an hour to fill out this form. Return it to me ASAP, so we can continue to move forward. If you do not receive the link to the form within 24 hours, notify me right away. 

2 Hour Strategy Focused Zoom Call: Once I review your pre-work, I will send you a link to schedule our 2 hour call. I may also send you follow up questions from your questionnaire or some items to prepare for our call. Our call will be focused on developing a sustainable action plan to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. We may need to spend some time gaining clarity around desired outcomes and focusing on specific goals. But, the end result will be a tangible and sustainable action plan. Sustainable = something you can implement yourself or you are equipped to hire out. 

Written Action Plan: Within 3-5 days of our call, I will return to you with a written out action plan including a timeline with deadlines, suggested technology/platforms/systesm to adopt, suggested outsourcing needs (if necessary), resources, an accountability plan and everything you need to create the movement we discuss on our call. If you are launching a product, a course or a membership site; this action plan may include your entire launch plan depending on where we focus our call. 

Proposal: Accompanying your Action Plan will be a proposal to work with me on various aspects of your plan. In addition to strategy and implementation work, I also provide an array of done-for-you services. Many of my clients find it especially helpful during their start-up or launch periods to have me on hand as a long-term strategist and accountability partner as well as leaning on me for various administrative tasks, research and implementation. I only include in my proposal what I am qualifed and experienced in. I have a network of digital marketers, graphic designers, etc. to fill in gaps where I am not skilled. Any cost associated with additional help is not included in my proposal.