Scaling your online service based business is key to increasing your profitability without working more hours, but…

Let’s get real.

There is SO much advice out there about how you should scale your online business.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

I bet you’ve heard that the best way to successfully level-up is with a…



Mastermind Group

Information Products

An Evergreen Sales Funnel

High-end Group Coaching Program

Affiliate Marketing

Retreat/Event/Summit - In person or Virtual

*some combination of any of the above

In order to launch ANYthing, you need solid, intentional strategy, rooted in data, not theory about what will work.

You need a step-by-step launch plan that fits seamlessly into your next few months as you prepare your launch.

You’ll breathe easier with a proven process and action plan that is customized specifically to transition your current business model to a scalable one with a successful launch.

There are a lot of moving parts in a launch. Since 2009, I’ve conducted over 40 launches and I’m ready to help plan yours!

If you’re even thinking about launching something this year, you’re about to be real happy you landed here, new friend.


Photo: Taylor Lauren Barker

Photo: Taylor Lauren Barker

Hi, I'm Maci.

I deliver comprehensive and actionable strategy plans, mentorship, and digital marketing support to business owners who are ready to level up while ensuring their business is in alignment with what they want most in life.

Problem solving is my jam and efficiency could be my middle name. I'm also a certified parenting coach, a co-Founder of Mastermind Happy Hourmarried to a creative genius and mom of two awesome children, living in beautiful Michigan. 

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“As a project manager by trade, I tend to think of myself as pretty organized and motivated. But with my own business, a 9-5, and a family, I have trouble staying focused, setting goals, and remembering my “why” in the chaos. Maci helped me see how getting organized and being accountable to someone outside of myself could help my business and relieve stress by getting my to-do list out of my head and onto a roadmap.”
— Erin, SweetLime

I believe that having a business shouldn’t mean you can’t also have a life.

And, I know that building, growing, and scaling your business doesn’t need to feel so hard. The right advisor and collaborator can move you to the other side of overwhelm faster and with fewer hiccups along the way!