I'm a productivity and strategy coach helping moms to build, grow and expand their businesses.

I can give you some "woo." We'll talk about manifesting, affirmations and clarity - because that is how big things get started. Repeat: get started. In order to grow your revenue, expand your offerings and build your brand; you need to produce measurable and quantifiable results. You need to do the work. If you are ready to get to work implementing all those goals and dreams you've been tossing around, you're in the right place. 

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Hi, I'm Maci

I'm not your average business coach. I help create measurable results. I work only with moms. Moms who are: business owners, startups or freelancers; because I love helping moms strategize, implement and ultimately achieve major milestones in their business while also nurturing their families and themselves. I deliver a particular combination of experience and skills that make me your ideal partner to guide you through mindset blocks and execute major improvements to your business. I'm a mom of two awesome children, married to a creative genius and live in the beautiful state of Michigan.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for sharable tips for success. Join my mailing list for extra special insider goodies!

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My specialties include

  • TIME: making it, managing it, placing value on yours
  • Taming your TO-DO list(s), to get more DONE
  • Gaining CLARITY on your true goals 
  • Advising on your development and growth STRATEGY 
  • Leveraging YOUR STRENGTHS to sustain your energy
  • REVERSE ENGINEERING to achieve your goals
  • FOLLOW THROUGH on projects you begin
  • ACCOUNTABILITY check-ins to keep you on track
  • Releasing GUILT around your success or your motherhood
  • Creating sustainable SYSTEMS that WORK for YOU

*Learn how to get to work making these happen for your business!


"As a mompreneur with a home-based business and 3 kids, I often find myself struggling to carry out both roles successfully. Maci has an eagle-eye for finding strengths, a passion for Simplicity Parenting, and a laser focus to make moms succeed in all of their roles. Her advice has helped me to think more deeply and clearly about valuing my time and work and to make the most of the time with my family. Working with Maci has been a turning point for myself personally and professionally." Mariana D., Owner of La Buena BotΓ‘nica 

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