Feeling stuck on something in your business?

Need to untangle your ideas to figure out what will work and how to do it all?

You wish your home and work life flowed seamlessly and you ended each day feeling accomplished instead of exhausted.

You need a solid, intentional strategy rooted in data. A plan that fits seamlessly into your life. And someone who’s by your side helping you stay on track.

And you need this to not feel overwhelming and intimidating!

I hear you, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe that having a business shouldn’t mean you can’t also have a life.

So here are two ways I can help you get closer to getting that balance you’re seeking:


March Virtual Workshops

  • Optimize Energy/Maximize Output

  • Time Management & Schedule Mastery

  • To Do List Domination


Strategy & Action Planning

Various levels of mentorship, support, and accountability available.

Photo: Taylor Lauren Barker

Photo: Taylor Lauren Barker

Hi, I'm Maci

I deliver comprehensive and actionable strategy plans, mentorship, and digital marketing support to business owners who are ready to level up while ensuring their business is in alignment with what they want most in life.

Problem solving is my jam and efficiency could be my middle name. I'm also a certified parenting coach, a co-Founder of Mastermind Happy Hourmarried to a creative genius and mom of two awesome children, living in beautiful Michigan. 

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“Maci is phenomenal in helping me get my message out to my audience through digital marketing techiniques. Every email she creates sounds like me, but better. I couldn't begin to share my ideas, passions or services with my clients in a way that feels as heartfelt as the copy and content Maci crafts for my business. And Maci's knowledge of the digital marketing process is unsurpassed. She is always on top of the latest techniques and practices that are converting in the online world and she helps me tailor those strategies and concepts to my brand so they feel authentic and convert like crazy.” —Tobi Fairley, tobifairley.com


“Maci was so helpful in helping me sort out my workflow for client onboarding that never existed before in my business! I came from a place of burn out and frustration because I had to manually write and send proposals, invoices, contracts. Maci really helped me figure out the best order for my exact clients and really explained why it would be beneficial to do it that way. She is concise, sweet, and so knowledgeable on workflows for business.” —Cristin Goss, Goss Boss

“As I was thinking about launching my current business, I was feeling overwhelmed at all the things I had to do in order to do it right. Having owned a few businesses before figuring out what to prioritize, what non-negotiables I needed to have in place before launching, and how to organize my energy and time to be my most efficient self were casting a cloud on this exciting new venture. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Hard! At this point in my life, I wasn't willing to waste any of my time and energy on trial and error. It was critical for me to do things right from the get-go.

Luckily, I had a chance to work with Maci. All that fog I was feeling before dispersed and I was able to see a clear path ahead of me. Maci has helped me optimize how I schedule my days, helped me develop a priceless step-by-step plan so I could start taking clients quickly, and countless resources I would've never found. Maci is not only an organizational genius, she's a ninja with systems, strategy, and schedules. She's an amazing mentor, a compassionate listener, and has an eagle-eye for spotting inefficiencies. If it wasn't for her, I would probably be wasting so much time onboarding clients, not charging enough for my services, and feeling completely exhausted with the grind.” —Mariana Durst, Desk & Design