How To Get Rid of Mom Guilt...Forever

So, I have a very strong reaction when I hear that amazing, smart, loving moms feel guilty for focusing their energy on something other than their children 24/7. Mompreneurs citing “mom guilt” as a thing they deal with regularly is the main reason my coaching practice focuses on developing mompreneurs holistically. You can have major professional success and love your business...but, without knowing how to cope with the onset of mom guilt, you will waste time and energy on feelings that are unproductive and ultimately damaging to yourself and your relationships.

Think of a time when you felt as if you weren’t fully present, completely aware and engaged with your children and family when you later thought you should be… and the mom guilt began to set in. How much energy is spent regularly feeling guilty?

The Four R's Provide More Calm, Happiness and Streamlined Days

I have a very holistic view around mompreneurhood. My business and family roles are intrinsically intertwined. Therefore, I am also aware that I set the tone for success in my business as well as my home.

As a Parenting Coach, I have been teaching parents for years about the positive effects of what I call “The Four R’s” - Routine, Rhythm, Ritual and Reset. The Four R’s save young children from emotional anguish around transitions (translation, they help avoid meltdowns), they provide foundational support for older children when external factors make them feel unstable and they are what we feel nostalgic for as adults.

One of the latest personal growth trends right now is HABITS and how we develop them, improve them, track them, succeed at them.... I’m over here waving my arms saying, “I’ve got your answer!”

The One Thing Every Successful Person Does

Those of us who coach and advise need to walk the walk, or else we're frauds. And, Imposter Syndrome - one's feeling of inadequacy despite possessing the appropriate expertise in their field - is a hot topic right now, especially among momprenuers, in particular. 

Luckily, there is ONE THING we can do right now to shift out of that mindset and into success...

How Multitasking is Hindering Your Productivity and Happiness

The allure of multitasking is appealing to mompreneurs because we fill several different roles throughout the day. The promise, and ultimate lie, of multitasking is that we are getting more done… we’re always busy! But instead, we feel:

  • Depleted at the end of the day
  • Guilt for not following through on a particular task
  • Overwhelmed that another day went by without getting further ahead
  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of mediocrity
  • Wondering if our kids our suffering due to our scattered focus
  • Knowing that you’re starting tomorrow with things left on your list from today

If you are ending your day feeling any of those, I guarantee you were not completely focused on a single task and moving between tasks upon completion only. You were multitasking.

The 3 Causes of Paralyzed Decision Making & How To Overcome

Do you ever find yourself simply incapable of making a decision about something big (should I franchise my business?) or even something small (what should I make for dinner tonight?).  As busy moms, running businesses and nurturing our families it’s not uncommon to become paralyzed in some decisions.  

Here are the THREE big causes of paralyzed decision making and how you can turn them around...