Do any of these describe you?

- Everyday feels like you're playing "defense" - just reacting to what happens in your business; rather than playing "offense" - where you are in control and heading toward your goal. 

- Paralyzed by overwhelm when researching, learning and implementing all the processes to start or automate your business.

- Envious of others who have beautiful websites and social media pages that are leading to conversions.

- You know exactly what you need to do, but would rather not deal with it yourself.

-Anxiety sets in when you hear terms like these: sales funnel, landing pages, conversion, Facebook pixel, campaigns, launch, course creation, marketing plan and web design.

- You want to develop an online course, an ebook or package products together but don't know what you need or how to get started. 

...sound familiar? I can help. 

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Hi, I'm Maci

I'm a business strategist and consultant delivering Operations Support and Digital Marketing to busy entrepreneurs, like you, who want to fully focus on the heart and soul of your business. 

Problem solving is my jam and efficiency could be my middle name. I love talking strategy, launches, and  managing the back end of your business, so you can focus on the part you love!

I'm also a certified parenting coach, a co-Founder of The Spark Collaborativemarried to a creative genius and mom of two awesome children, living in beautiful Michigan.

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What I do...

  • Marketing AUTOMATION

  • Creating sustainable SYSTEMS 


  • Sales Funnel CREATION

  • Pricing and Product VALUE

  • Gaining CLARITY on your business goals 

  • Develop your marketing STRATEGY 

  • Leveraging your STRENGTHS 

  • WEBSITE DESIGN using Squarespace

  • Not sure where you need help, just know that you need it? I can help with that too. 


"As a mompreneur with a home-based business and 3 kids, I often find myself struggling to carry out both roles successfully. Maci has an eagle-eye for finding strengths, a passion for Simplicity Parenting, and a laser focus to make moms succeed in all of their roles. Her advice has helped me to think more deeply and clearly about valuing my time and work and to make the most of the time with my family. Working with Maci has been a turning point for myself personally and professionally." Mariana D., Owner of La Buena Botánica 

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